Planning the best baby shower

Planning the best baby shower

Planning the best baby shower

A baby shower is a celebration of new life. It is one of the most joyous events for parents to be especially for Mom to be and their close relatives. In India, a baby shower is generally celebrated traditionally. But nowadays friends and relatives hosts fun baby shower also. 

For organizing a baby shower you need to keep few factors in mind such as time, guest list, venue etc. 

When to organize a baby shower? 

When it comes to hosting a baby shower timing is a very important factor. In the case of the traditional baby shower, the various province has various custom and time. Few celebrate this occasion in  7th months, 8th month even in some parts people celebrate it in 9th month. 

But if you are hosting a modern fun baby shower for your sister, sister in law or friend then it’s best to organize the party 1 or 2 months prior to her due date. In that way, it will be easy for the would-be mother to enjoy the event. 

Who should host a baby shower?

In India generally the mother and mother-in-law host baby shower for the upcoming new member of the family. But nowadays sisters, sisters-in-law, friends and colleagues also host baby showers. In today’s world, many women end up having multiple baby showers. 

Whom to invite/guest list 

As a host/hostess, you need to be careful regarding the guest list. Generally, people invite close friends and family of the parents to be who are genuinely happy for the couple. So be careful about whom are you inviting. Do not invite someone who is not close to the would-be parents.

 If this baby shower is not a surprise for would-be parents then it’s better to ask them whom they want to invite. If the would-be mother is having more than one shower then try not to repeat the same guest list.

 If you are organizing this baby shower in the workplace the please invite those colleagues who are close and cordial with soon-be mothers. 

How to organize a fun-filled baby shower?


As you are concerned about a fun baby shower so we are assuming that you are a young family member or close friend of the mother-to-be. 

Organizing a baby shower is not an easy task. Let’s start with the first step

That is taking care of the basics that have to be done for the event. It’s better if you make a checklist. 

Your checklist should include 

1. Decide the venue

2. Decide the date. 


3. Decide a time of the day will you hold the shower

 4. Fix a budget

5. Decoration 

6. Decide what to serve the guests (coincides with the time of day)


7. Create the guest list

8. Think about the shower games. 


It's your turn to plan the baby shower for your sister or BFF but you want to make it a fun shower that the guests will enjoy.

You’ve already decided that you don’t want your guests just sitting around while the baby shower gifts are opened. Face it, that’s fun for the mom-to-be but after 10 or 20 presents have been opened the Oohs and Ahs start to slow down considerably. So you need to think creatively to incorporate fun into the baby shower.


So, Where do you start?

Here we are providing some idea to add some fun factor in your baby shower, 


 Theme Shower.-

A great way to get the party rolling is by having a themed baby shower. There are so many fun themes to choose from that will make decorating a baby shower a breeze.

You can choose a color theme. Such as if you choose your baby shower decorated in red, white, and blue. Carry this theme forward with red, white, and blue snacks and drinks such as a fruit plate with strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. 

You can also serve beverages of these colors to your guests. 

 Bring your guests into the theme by asking them to also wear something red, white or blue.

When you incorporate a theme into a baby shower, it makes not only the planning easier but also your guests will have that much more fun.

Table Orientation-

 Set up your tables in a round fashion so that everyone can see mom to be when she opens up her gifts. Round tables also encourage interaction between the guest tables which will keep the fun level up.


Relaxing Tea Party-

You can organize A relaxing Victorian Tea Party is an afternoon baby shower. That can be considered on the calm side but still plenty of fun. Ask guests to dress up a bit. Decorate the party with calming pastels. Serve a variety of teas and bakery items such as sugar cookies, cupcakes, pies, and other items. 

Now what woman do you know doesn't like to have a relaxing afternoon chatting with other women while munching on goodies that she normally wouldn't eat? Incorporate old fashion baby shower games and give each guest a baby shower favor that will remind them of this day. A great favor would be the "Baby is Brewing" teapot favor.


Couple Baby Shower-

Have you noticed how many baby showers are now attended by both men and women? Men, whether they like it or not are now just as much included in the baby arrival as women are. So take advantage of this by hosting your own couple baby shower.

 Match the baby shower theme with baby shower favors that either a man or woman would like. 

The best couple baby shower idea is a backyard or beach barbecue. You can keep the men busy manning the grill and when the men are busy, the women are happily gossiping. 



Fun Baby Shower games-

If you want to add fun to a baby shower then obviously you need to add some fun games. 

You can go with the regular games or get innovative and invent some fun games. 

We are listing up some regular fun games 

  1. Guess how big mommy is where people guess the size of the belly of would-be mommy. 

  2. Guess the gender of the baby. Here guests can guess the gender of the baby and write it down on paper with their name. Later it can be checked who was right. 

  3. Guess the date of birth. Here guests will guess the date of birth of the unborn baby. 

  4. Celebrity baby name quiz. 

  5. Baby name formation 

  6. Baby animal name quiz 

You can add research more about baby shower games

Engage your guests- 

Keeping your guests involved and engaged is a good way to add fun to the shower. You can get a bit crafty regarding this. 

We are listing up some ways to keep your guests entertained as well as engaged. 

  1. Bib decoration. Give them some bibs to decorate with some permanent marker or other decorative items. 

  2. Play blanket making. You can give a small piece of fabric to your guests to paint, draw or write. Later these pieces can be sewed as a play blanket for the baby. 

  3. Wish for the baby. Let them write a message for the baby. Later these can be dreamed and placed in the nursery. 

  4. Decorate the nursery. You can also engage your guests to decorate the nursery. 

It's not that you always have to arrange 2 separate baby showers to add a fun factors in the baby shower. You can incorporate some fun games in the traditional baby shower ceremony with the permission of elders and have a fun-filled traditional ceremony. 

Hopefully, we gave you some good ideas and tips. 

Thanks and regards 

Crytostep team.