How to solve babies sleeping problem

How to solve babies sleeping problem

How to solve babies sleeping problem

 A majority of new parents experience most of their problems at bedtime when it's time to put the baby to sleep. Generally, a lot of parents face the problem that their babies are not sleeping at night so they also can’t sleep properly. Many newborn babies get restless at bedtime and do not like to be separated from their parents for long periods. There is a wealth of advice regarding baby sleep problems available to parents, with varying quality; the main issue is that what works for one family may not work for the next. One thumb rule is that when it comes to baby sleep problems, the more specific the advice, the less likely it is to apply to your own baby.


We have researched a lot about this problem of new parents.  After lots of research, we came to know and now mentioning some ways to help both baby and parent get a peaceful night's sleep. As these ways are general in nature, so they should be applicable to most families.

 You can apply these techniques and try to make your baby sleep at a proper time.

 ·        First Try to settle a relaxed bedtime routine. Set a pattern that baby can learn. This should be fun, with time set aside for little rhymes and songs for baby whilst getting ready for bed. Babies feel secure with routine. They feel happy and reassured with a familiar pattern to bedtime.

 ·        Routine is not only important for baby but the whole family. As a parent it is important to have some time to yourself in the evenings, to relax or catch up on things. However, don't fret if the routine doesn't work out one day, and don't be tempted to change anything... Simply start again the next day! This is the best way to establish a routine. It may take weeks or months. Perseverance is key.

 ·        Don't let your baby to explore anything lively or energetic. These things will stimulate or excite them right before bedtime.

 ·        Set out your evening's activities more or less same at each night, where practical. Feeding time, bath time, playtime and bedtime is order that works well for most families.

 ·. Always try to keep things calm and soothing before bed. Newborn babies need food, warmth, safety and comfort. It sounds obvious, but try to ensure that your baby doesn't need anything before you attempt to settle them; otherwise, you will inevitably be tending to them again very soon.

 ·        Try to create a soothing and relaxing ambiance in the room when settling baby for sleep. You should keep dim light (lamps or nightlights are better than main lights) and relaxing and soothing background sounds music in the room. Lullabies and songs for babies can be great for creating the perfect bedtime ambiance. Songs should be of slow tempo, preferably natural, acoustic sounds and the volume low.

 ·        try not to pick your baby up the moment they start crying at the night. It is better to check on them and let them settle themselves on their own first.


·        If after some time also your baby really doesn't want to settle it's perfectly OK to pick them up. Soothe them for as long as is necessary, but it's important to resist the temptation to play with or entertain them. Try to soothe and resettle.

 ·        If the baby still won't settle, don't be tempted to bring your baby in to see everyone else in an attempt to comfort them. This will make the baby over-excited.

 ·        Let your baby get used to sleeping in their crib/cot. The more time a newborn baby spends in the environment of their cot, the safer and happier they will be in it, even when left alone to sleep.

 ·        Regardless of the room ambiance prior to settling your baby, playing a CD of sleep songs for babies is one of the most effective ways to get baby off to sleep. There are several good quality lullabies available which contain calming songs for babies. Natural, acoustic sounds such as twinkling harps and pianos, calming voices, and slow tempo is great for creating a soporific effect on your baby. You can search online also for that.


·        Be wary, however, as there are many lullaby CDs available that are not at all suitable for bedtime; such music can have the opposite effect. Avoid any obviously electronic sounds and impact instruments like drums and other types of percussion. Try to find a CD of lullabies and songs for babies that works for you; more and more families are turning to baby songs and bedtime lullabies as a cure for their baby's sleeping problems.

 ·        Please fix some particular lullabies for babies so they become habituated to listen to the same songs and it will help them to set in a routine.


·        You can download these songs and make a playlist handy.

 ·        Music therapy is a very good option for your baby. That make your baby sleep easily

 ·        Baby must get used to hearing the songs and lullabies as a staple part of his or her bedtime routine. In addition, you should stay close enough to create a sense of security, without distracting the baby from sleep.

 But always remember that every baby is unique; there are no hard and fast rules. Where possible, follow your parental instincts and try to do what feels right for your baby!

 Hopefully, we gave you some solution to your problem about how to make your baby sleep, how to set a proper bedtime for your baby, etc.

Please let us know if these ways worked for you.

Thank you, C2S Team