Checklist for first-time parents

 Checklist for first-time parents

Checklist for first-time parents

Are you going to have a baby for the first time? Are you nervous and wanted the best for your baby? Then you are in the right place. You should prepare yourself and your home before welcoming your baby. But what to get for a newborn baby?

Don’t get nervous. Remember that you really don’t need as much as things you think you will need. Be realistic. Do you really need a bottle warmer? If you're wealthy and can afford all these unnecessary things you want, even if you don't need them, then go and buy those. Just remember that in a few months you're maybe going to be reselling all these because you've realized that some things you will never need and are unnecessarily taking space in your home.

We advise you to have the nursery set up, keep supplies in place, clothes washed and ready you are all shorted. You can do this three to four weeks prior to your due date. So, that, even if your baby comes before the due date, you'll be prepared. It's so relaxing to know that when you will come home from the hospital you've got everything you need ready and handy.

For your convenience, we are providing a list of the essential and must-have things for your newborn baby. 

1.Bassinet/ Co-Sleeper/Crib/  Pack and Play- 

For the first 3 months, your baby needs feeding every 2 to 4 hours so having him/her in your room will be convenient for you. It will save you numerous trips to the nursery. As babies love body warmth after coming out of the womb Ii is good for the baby to keep your baby cuddled up and close by you. Your newborn has just come from a worm space, so they like to feel that warmth. We recommend using the bassinet attached to your bed instead of the crib till your baby becomes few months old.  You can use the bassinet till baby  can turn over or there is no space for the baby to stretch. You'll use it in the early months only, but it will really be beneficial for you. 

2. Crib and Mattress

When your baby outgrows the bassinet it's time for a crib/baby cot. Before you buy a baby cot check if it meets the current safety standards and be careful to make sure that the mattress fits the crib properly. so that baby can't wiggle or get hurt. Before you buy you can read our blog regarding baby crib. 

3. Baby sling/ Baby career

All new parents need a baby career to move freely with their baby. It will allow you to move freely and will keep your baby physically connected and close to you. Before you buy it check if it provides proper neck and head support. You should buy a career made of washable fabric so you can clean it easily. You should also check if you are comfortable with it and allows you to carry your baby facing in or out. In the beginning, you'll want to have her facing towards you but as the baby gets older, the baby will want to see the world so you need the baby to face out.

4. Changing mat- 

Changing mat is a plastic pad which you need to change your baby’s diaper. You can put a towel, thick cloth on top so your baby won't feel the cold. If you can afford you a go for a changing table. But it's really not much essential. The amount of time you will use it is very short.

5. Infant Carrier/Car Seat

If you have a car and you are going to use it regularly to move with your baby then definitely you are going to need it. It's a carrier or special seat for your baby in your car. It will make your journey with your baby easy and comfortable. 

6. Stroller -

If you are a person who intends to keep your baby attached to nature and wants to go for walk with your baby then Stoller is a must-have item for you. It will keep you free from caring for your baby always. 

7. High Chair- 

You will need a high chair when your baby will be  5-6 months old and start eating outside food.  so you can buy it letter also.

8. Baby Bath Tub

For bathing your baby you will need a baby bathtub. We recommend starting off with a small bathtub because in a small space with just a little bit of water. It will be easier for you to hold and handle your baby during bathing. We like those that have the sling for newborns as till 3 or 4 months they don't have any neck control. The sling will help you to keep them in place.

9. Swing

Babies love motion so a swing is good for babies and it keeps them calm. It will also provide safety to your baby when you do some other work like cooking, cleaning, etc..

Other Things you should consider

1.  Large comfortable rocking chair- 

You will need it for feeding your baby or make him/her sleep while you seat there and rock your baby gently 

2. Sound Machine - 

It will go to help you to soothe your baby. It plays sounds which a baby is habituated with such as sound from the mother’s womb, water sounds, sounds from nature etc. sometimes it comes with soft stuffed animals inside it.

3.  Baby Monitor - 

If you are planning to keep your baby in a nursery then it will help you a lot. Nowadays there are lots of options available in the market including video monitoring systems so that you can see the baby. Working parents can monitor their baby from the workplace also.  Dual monitors or multiple monitors are a must if you have multiple levels in your home or your master bedroom is on a different level altogether. 

4. Breast Pump & Accessories-

It will help you to pump excess milk and use it later. With help of it Working mothers can ensure that their babies will get breast milk if they are away from their mother also. 

5. Nursing Pillows - I

Nursing pillow serves multiple purposes. Use can use it for baby other than nursing time also. Before buying please check if it provides good support.  You can buy one with a strap also so you can tie around you if you need to be mobile. 

6. Baby Car Mirror - 

Generally, you need to carry your baby in the back seat till they are few years old.  The baby car mirror allows you to see your baby through your rearview mirror. few will even keep your baby busy and entertained with lights and songs.

7. Playpen - 

A playpen is a safe place for your baby to play while you are busy with your work. High reeling of play pan will keep your baby in a place while allowing them to crawl and walk. 

You will need it while your baby will start to have tummy time, crawling, and walking. So you can buy it a little letter also. 

Baby Bedding -

We recommend using all cotton items for your baby. It's soft and can be washed easily in hot water to sterilize. You should wash everything before it comes in contact with your baby with a mild detergent. We recommend washing babies’ clothes separately from the other laundry. The baby's bedding should be soft and comfortable for your newborn. Use high-quality, breathable materials for your baby. 

Baby clothing

When it comes to clothing for your baby, it's all about layers. The main thing to remember that babies can't regulate their temperature very well until they're nearly six months old. It can easily get overheated or too cold. It's your responsibility to keep the temperature right through the layering of clothes and the use of blankets.

Do not use the complex dressing for your baby. You should keep them easily changeable as you need to change often. We recommend Soft outfits and diapers for your baby. If possible use a cloth diaper to avoid a rash. 

You will need

• sleepers

• one-piece garments

• gowns/kimonos

• comfortable day outfits

•  undershirts

•  bibs

• pairs of socks or booties

• cotton caps/hats

• sweaters if it's winter

• snowsuit or fleece if it's winter

Essential Supplies- 

• Diapers

 • Diaper wipes 

• Diaper Bag. 

• Diaper sacks for dirty diapers

• Diaper rash cream

• Antibacterial gel to clean your hands

• Changing pad

• pacifier

•  Bib

• A couple of soft toys and rattles

• Flasks


• Formula

Essential for Breast Feeding 

• Nursing bras

• disposable breast pads

• Nipple cream

• Either an electric breast pump or a hand pump

• Breast milk storage containers

•proper bottles for babies who are habituated with breastfeeding

• Bottle Brush & Optional Sanitizing System-Other Essentials 

Other essential things -

• Baby thermometer

• Baby soaps and lotions

• Tearless shampoo

• Bath toys

• Baby oil

• Diaper rash Ointment

• Vaseline

• Sterile cotton balls

• Baby nail scissors/clippers

• Baby brush/comb

• Rubbing alcohol

• Q-tips

• 3-4 pacifiers

• Nose Suction Bulb syringe 

• Mild laundry detergent.

• Night lite

• Several Good Parenting Books

For new parents, it’s normal to get tensed and worried about their newborn and parenthood. But if you prepare beforehand then it will reduce your worries up to a limit before delivery. 

Advance congratulations from our team. Enjoy your new baby. 

Do use write us if these tips are useful for you or not.  


C2S Team