Made in India toys for kids

Made in India toys for kids

Deshi toys (देसी  खिलौना) are Indian toys or made in India toys for kids. Nowadays people are inclined to buy India made products to boost the Indian economy.

When it comes to toys for your little one you don't need to worry to come out of your principal. There are lots of Indian Toy companies that are offering a large range of baby and kids safe toys for your kid. 

Types of Indian Toys

India has a history of traditional toys as old as the land herself. From centuries various provinces of India are famous for various kinds of traditional wooden toys, wooden dolls, clay dolls, fabric dolls, etc. But new-age Indian toy companies are offering both traditional and international range modern toys for babies and kids.

Toys are not only for fun. Many toys play important role in kids' life. Toys teach kids in a fun way, improves their motor skills, and educate life lessons. one such game is Chess. You can know more about the benefits of playing chess at

Indian toys name: 

There are few famous traditional toys of India such as Rattles and Dug Dugi, Bagh Chal (Tiger and Goat), Bhatukli, Chaduranga etc. which are nearly forgotten there are few toys like wooden toys, clay toys, metallic toys ect. which are still available.

But today at the age of globalization Indian toy manufacturers  are also manufacturing all kinds of toys available in the modern world. From rattles and grabbing toys of babies to educational and outdoor games for your pre-teens. 

In maximum cases Wooden toys for kids in India are made of natural woods and vegetable colours so they are safer for your baby and kids than synthetic materials. 

Here we brought a list of 12 modern as well as traditional Indian toys for babies and kids which are available online. 

1.Funvention Space Shuttle 3D Coloring Model (Pack of 24) - DIY Desk Organizer Pen Stand - STEM Learning 3D Puzzle Toy - Art, Coloring and Painting Kit for Kids -Birthday Return Gift, Kids Party Pack

  • It is hands-On-Learning 3D Puzzle Kit provides an active way of learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
  • All parts are precisely laser-cut off and can be easily removed from the board
  • The model assembles like a puzzle with or without glue by following an illustrated color manual.
  • It can be Assembles easily
  • it is fun to play with.
  • It is a 3D puzzle and coloring kit. 
  • It can be Desk Organiser
  • Build it, Color it, Play with it or Keep your desk clean and attractive with these unique 3D models which have space to store your pen, pencil & markers.
  • It is recommended for Age: 4+ Yrs
  • It is a pack of 24
  • It is a D.I.Y. Build & Paint. Building time 3-4 hour. 
  • It develops Engineering Skills, Creativity & Imagination, Organising & Structuring, Logical Reasoning and Fine Motor Skills. 

2.Giant 5 Feet Papa Panda Teddy Bear Soft Toy

  • It's a high-quality soft toy. 
  • 5 feet in height 
  • It is soft and has a huggable body
  • It is black and white in color
  • These Panda's are made with Child Safe Fabrics
  • It is washable. 

3.Funvention Disc Launcher (Pack of 12) - DIY Science Educational Toy for Kids - STEM Learning Kit - Birthday Return Gifts

  • Each kit contains MDF Precise Laser Cut Parts to Build your Disc Launcher + Aliens and Space Rocket cutouts + Booklet with easy to understand, step by step Picture, text and video instructions, Game Play instructions, Explore & Learn Newton’s Law of Gravity, Puzzles & Fun-Food Recipes for kids.
  • Innovative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Educational toy which provides a platform for children's hands-on experience in building creative toys with the learning of the basic working principle behind it. 
  • It's a multiplayer game. 
  • It provides hands-On-Learning Kit provides an active way of learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
  • It will help to develop skills like Science Exploration, Cognitive Development, Creativity & Imagination, Observation Skills, Fine Motor, Hand-Eye Coordination, Logical Reasoning, Organised and Structuring. 
  • Recommended age 4+

4. eHomeKart Playgro See-Saw Rocker for Kids - Plastic See Saw Jumbo Rocker for Indoors and Outdoors - Perfect Toy for Boys and Girls of Age 1-8 Years - DIMENSIONS: 118 x 32 x 45 cm (Green)


  • This colorful kid's seesaw Rocker will attract your kids to play with it. 
  • It will help training their balance skills and strengthening their muscles when they enjoy spinning round-and-round and bouncing up-and-down.
  • This can be greatly effective for their physical development.
  • It is healthy for kids 
  • It is a good way of exercise for kids. 
  • This seesaw is made of safe plastic that is harmless to kids.
  • It is an Indian toy for babies and kids
  • These Playgro rockers for kids are a standout toy for both its quality and its longevity
  • The parts of this Kids Rocker and See-Saw Toy are made using High Precision Machines.
  • The DIMENSIONS of this Baby See Saw is  118cm x 32cm x 45cm
  • This kid's seesaw is ideal to use in the living room, bedroom, and also backyard and garden, as long as there is available space for it.

5. Giggles My First Easel (Multi-Color)

  • Funskool giggles my first easel is a  4-in-1 wooden easel that comes with height-adjustable, safe and foldable features. 
  • It is a high quality wooden creative and educational learning toy kit for children. 
  • With it kids can learn alphabets and numbers, to build basic words and math.
  • It is an Indian toy for babies
  • It is an educational Indian toy for boys and girls. 
  • This easel kit is both fun to play and learn, designed to enable a child to progress from one activity to another.
  • the easel comes with magnetic words and numbers, the feature to erase and draw, a chalkboard with a different texture to draw with, clips to hold paper that's easy to flip, which help a child’s multiple activity options for overall development.
  • The easel is designed to grow with your child, as it comes with two height adjustments and child lock safety. 
  • This easel comes with a Mess-free dry eraser, a tray to store the supplies with easy access to the same, clips to hold the paper for drawing and pairing fun which makes it easy to use.
  • It is a Storage friendly easel, it can be folded flat once the child completes the activity. 
  • Different elements to interact helps to engage child, the magnetic pull, moving the alphabets and numbers on the board, concept of correction and improving by erasing and redo, confidence building through handling different elements, action to hold the paper with clips and flip etc. adds to long activity period.
  • Recommended age 3+

6. CLASSIC INDIAN A1 Choo Choo Classical Toy Battery Operated Train Set with Light & Sound

  • It is a classic Indian toy train
  • It is a Classical Choo Choo Train with Light, Smoke & Sound.
  • This is a steam engine train which will teach your little one about the history of trains and its evolution. 
  • This toy Train Requires 4 AA Batteries (Not Included).
  • Recommended age 3+
  • It is multi-colored and made of plastic.

7. Shalinindia Handcrafted Wooden Magnetic Chess Set (7-inch by 7-inch)

  • It is a traditional Indian wooden toy available online
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry. 
  • Board has a drawer to store the chess pieces. 
  • The diameter of the board is 7x7 inches. 
  • The beautiful board is made of light and dark wood. 
  • It is handmade by skilled woodworkers of North India. 
  • The pieces and the board are both magnetized, so they stay in place without sliding or shifting.

8. Made in India Complete Kitchen Toy Set with Wooden Stand for Girls

  • It is Indian toys for girls.
  • It is excellent for children to innovate things and express their ideas.
  • It allows Pretend Play with A Complete Kitchen Cooking Set Designed Especially For Your Little Ones.
  • It's a great way to make children's imagination come true.
  • Little Girls can create their own cooking adventures and have a lot of fun.
  • Utensils are made of stainless steel. 

9. FunBlast Multi-Function Wooden Colorful Trojan Horse Round Bead Calculation Educational Learning Toy for Kids, Educational Toy Set for Kids

  • kids/toddlers will love to spend a long time with these beads around toys and improve their educational skills.
  • It is a bright wooden puzzle of various shapes and sizes for children to play.
  • It can improve and develop children's hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, imagination and creativity, fine motor skills, color recognition, shape recognition.
  • This children's activity cube allows children and toddlers to rotate around the beads, rotate the bells, letters and animal rotation puzzles, beautiful ladybugs, time recognition, abacus calculations. 
  • It is a colorful Wooden Trojan Horse Round Bead Calculation Toy for baby Puzzle and wooden Toys for Toddlers.
  • Educational Skill Improvement Wood Toys for Toddlers.
  • It Encourages math skills, pattern and color recognition, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination among toddlers and kids. 
  • The toy is made of high-quality safe wood and is assembled and ready to play right away and Beads Slide Freely and Smoothly Backward and Forward. 
  • It is safe and durable. 

10. Set of 10 Colorful Wooden Baby Rattle Toys: Model RA-OW020

  • It is the best wooden toys for infants
  • It has good sound and color recognition
  • These colorful toys are made of Organic and Non-toxic colors. 
  • It is Safe toys for babies and kids to play with
  • It is made of Handpicked wood with a smooth surface.
  • This package contains 10 Colorful wooden rattle toys.

11. Like India Toy Car with 3D Famous Flash Light & Remote Control

  • It is Indian toys for boys in the car
  • It is made of plastic.
  • It is a remote control car
  • It has 3D Led Light & Flash Light.
  • It is a High Speed Running toy Car.
  • Forward & Backward Running Control System.
  • 5 batteries required (Not included)
  • Recommended age 5 years

12.Shumee Wooden Cactus Toss a Ring Toy for Kids (Age 4 Years+)

  • It is an Indian wooden toy for kids age 4+
  • Each set contains six rings and a branched cactus to gather rings. Points differ from color to color and also branch to branch of the cactus.
  • It is easy to carry toys that can be taken apart and reassembled while playing. 
  • It's the perfect indoor & outdoor toy for kids.
  • It can be used by adults as well as kids.
  • It Promotes Problem Solving and Fine Motor Skills.
  • It is made from natural materials like wood, cotton rope, and non-toxic colors so its safe for all
  • It is handcrafted in India. 

We have provided various types of made in India toys for your baby and kid. Hopefully, we helped you to choose your Baby’s next Indian made toy. 

Thank you 
C2S Team.