Best Baby cribs and Cots in India with affordable prices

Best Baby cribs and Cots in India with affordable prices

An infant bed which is called a Baby cot in British English and Crib in American English is a sleeping essential for your little bundle of Joy. A baby sleeps a lot for healthy development and falling while sleeping is a common accident for babies.

Here comes the baby crib or cot with high reeling to provide security while your little one sleeps and gives you ample time to finish your other chores without worry while your baby sleeps. It has been noticed that babies sleeping in cribs or cot learn to stand and walk first with the help of crib railing. So for new parents a crib or cot is a must buy a thing.   

Whenever you buy anything for your baby you want the best. So,  here for your convenience to buy the best crib or cot for your little girl or boy, we are providing a list of baby cribs available online in India in affordable price 

12 Best Baby cribs and Cots in India

1. Luvlap C-50M Baby Multipurpose Wooden Cot with Mattress - Large (Cherry Red)

  • This is a Baby wooden crib available online in India
  • A cot is easily converted to a cradle
  •  Includes separate floor-length mosquito net 
  • Made of Pinewood with a polished finish
  • 3 levels of height adjustment is available. 
  • Crib outer dimension – 99 x 52 x 77 cm
  • Recommended age – 0 – 12 Months, its a good baby crib for 1 year old
  • Recommended Maximum Weight – 15KG
  • It is a baby bed attached to parents bed
  • It Has a rocker! Which will Save you  when the baby will not  fall asleep easily!
  • It has wheels which make it movable and convenient. 
  • wheels have brakes which ensure security. 
  • It has storage space below
  • It can be converted as a study table when the baby will outgrow the crib. 

  • 2. Fisher-Price Georgia Baby Crib Cum Toddler Bed (with Mattress, Satin Grey)

    • Strong wooden cribs for babies in India
    • convertible cribs available in India which turns into a toddler bed.
    • four levels of height adjustment for mattress base is available. 
    • High railing to prevent fall of your baby
    • Round corner and smooth finish 
    • Suitable for newborn babies to up to 5-year-olds.
    • Storage drawer is available at the base.
    • It is a baby crib with drawers
    • Recommended weight 32kg. 
    • It comes with a crib mattress. 

    3. BAYBEE Baby's Little Hut Play Pen Portable Travel Bed Cum Cot(Green)

    • It is steady and durable 
    • It is made of a material that is safe for babies.
    • It comes with a handy pocket, right on the side of the play yard cum crib.
    • It is a lightweight crib
    • It is easy to carry 
    •  It has a space-saving design
    • It has wheels at the bottom 
    • It has a changing table attached to it. 
    • It has airy mesh insides
    • It is a travel-friendly scribe
    • It is easily foldable
    • it is easy to carry 
    • It comes with a convenient carrying bag 
    • It has a toy bar where you can hang soft toys
    • It has zipper opening for baby.

    4. Baybee Ga Ga Wooden Cradle for Babies-Newborn Baby Cradle with Rocker 9 in 1 Convertible-Baby Sleep Swing Cradle-Swing Desk with 6 Piece Bedding Cot Bed Set and Mosquito Net 0-24 Months Years (Pink)

    •  wooden baby crib available online in  India
    • It has a gentle rocking facility for the little one. 
    • Convertible easily into a rocker. 
    • It has wheels which make it easily removable. 
    • The wheel lock is there to make it static when needed. 
    • Use for indoor use only. 
    • Dimension: 122x98x67 cm.
    • babies weighing up to 17kg
    • RECOMMENDED AGE: 0 to 24 months. 
    • It is easily converted into a baby bed attached to parents bed
    • High railing provide security to your baby 
    • Extra storage is available. 
    • It is a newborn baby sleeping bed with net
    • It can be convertible to toddler bed 
    • It also can be converted to a study table later. 
    • It comes with a mattress and bedding set. 

    5. LittleBird India Elegant Wooden Cot with Mattress (28x52x36-Inches, White)

    • Wooden baby cot.  
    • Modern, Minimal, and Clean crib. 
    • It has Antibacterial Laminates.
    • High railings are made from solid wood.
    • It has extra storage.
    • Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 36 inches
    • Recommended Age: 0- 4 Yrs
    • It is a lightweight crib. 

    6. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Playpen Playard / Folding Baby Bed Cum Cot / Convertible Crib - (Brown and Green)

    • It is a travel-friendly crib
    • It is easy to fold
    • It is easy to carry. 
    • It is Light weight
    • It has a compact design with lots of storage. 
    • It is steady and safe for baby. 
    • It has wheels at bottom. 
    • It has Airy mesh on 2 sides for good ventilation and visibility
    • It comes with Zipper Door: For baby to play by stepping out and in
    • 2 cm mattress makes it comfortable for Baby to sleep
    • It comes with mosquito net

    7. BabyTeddy 9 in 1 Convertible Bruno-The Dog Baby Crib Wooden Cot Bed Swing Desk with 6 Piece Bedding Set and Mosquito Net

    • It is a modern wooden baby sleeping bed 
    • It can be used as a cradle that has a soft rocking mechanism. 
    • It has additional storage below to provide baby supplies. 
    • It provides a changing table, two open shelves and a water-resistant vinyl changing pad with safety strap.
    • It can be converted into a baby sofa 
    • It can be used as a toddler bed when your baby grows up. 
    • Later it can be converted as a study desk. 
    • It has high teething relling in both sides. . 
    • Height  mattress adjustment is available. 
    • This crib has a soft bed board and comes with a 6 piece bedding set with fitted sheet which includes fillers, 4 side mix and match bumpers and baby pillow.
    • It is good for newborns. 
    • It can be used as a side bed of parents' beds. 
    • It can serve the need to play pan also. 
    • It has cute designs at the side of the crib. 

    8. Fisher-Price Joy Wood Crib/Cot for Baby

    • It is a nice looking wooden crib.
    • It is made of Canadian Beechwood.
    • It has a high railing for safety. 
    • It has virgin plastic teething railing. 
    • It has wheels which makes it easily movable.
    • The wheel lock is available.  
    • It has three adjustable mattress positions for baby safety. 
    • It comes with a smooth surface, rounded edges and corners for baby safety. 
    • It comes with a mattress. 
    • This cot can be used for upto 3 years. 
    • Recomendable weight 30 kg.

    9. Fisher-Price Shiled Baby Cot Cum Bassinet (Black)

    • It is Foldable Baby Cot cum Bassinet.
    • It can be pleased besides the parents' bed.
    • It can be folded easily.
    • It comes with a carry bag
    • It is portable and easy to carry
    • It is light in weight
    • It comes with an air mesh panel all around which allows good airflow.
    • It has A zipper mosquito net
    • It can be kept in either still mode or swing mode.
    • Recommended weight 8.74 Kg
    • Product Dimensions 97 x 57 x 70 cm
    • It is useful for newborns.

    10. BabyTeddy® 11 in 1 Multifunctional Forest Theme Crib, Cot, Toddler Bed, Rocker,Convertible Desk and Kid’s Sofa with 6 Piece Bedding Set,Crib Mattress and Designer Mosquito Net (Forest Bedding Set)

    • It has a teething rail on both sides of the crib.
    • It can be attached to parents bed 
    • The height adjustment feature is available
    • This crib can be used as a play pan for your baby. 
    • Comes with bay friendly foam mattress
    • It has a smooth finish and natural color
    • It is scratch-resistant
    • The bed can be extended as a toddler bed when baby grows up
    • It can be converted into children stylish sofa
    • It comes with a high railing.
    • It is good for the newborn. 
    • It is made of wood.
    • It comes with a mattress set 
    • It can be used as a cradle also which has a smooth rocking feature. 
    • It can be converted into a study table for later
    • It is used as has additional storage space bellow.

    11. Chicco Lullago Zip Travel Crib (Indigo)

    • A good crib for travel
    • It's easily foldable. 
    • It is very light in weight. 
    • Airy mesh on all sides provides maximum ventilation
    • It has rubber feet at its leg
    • The maximum weight recommended 9 kg. 
    • Dimension of crib 42 x 48 x 12 cm
    •  It fits in a small space.
    • It is strong and stable
    • It is washable
    • It is Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
    • It comes with Comfortable mattress
    • The mattress comes with a protective cover

    12. R for Rabbit Hide and Seek Baby Bed- Smart Folding Baby Cot/Crib

    • It is a good portable baby bed/foldable baby cot/adjustable baby cot
    • with Air Mesh on all 4 sides, it gives great ventilation. 
    • The  Bassinet layer with mattress provides an ideal place to have a sound sleep for newborn babies. 
    • It is good for 0-12 months of babies.
    •  After removing the Bassinet Layer you can turn it to Baby Bed/ Baby Cot and can be used up to 3 years. 
    • It can be used as a baby play yard. 
    • With the combination of Wheels and Legs, it makes the baby bed/cot stable and portable and easy to move around the house.
    • It is foldable and travel-friendly. You  can carry it while you travel. 
    • It has a toy bar to hand little toys to engage your baby. 

    Before installing the baby crib or baby cot for your little boy or girl in your home please check a few things-
    • It's strong enough to carry your baby.
    • There is no broken or loose part.
    • There is high railing so your baby don't fall from it. 
    • There is no sharp edge to hurt your baby.
    • There is no harmful polish or chemical used in the crib.
    • The mattress is not so hard for the baby. 

    So hope you are all shorted to buy a baby crib or baby cot and baby travel-friendly folding cot to ensure sound sleep for your little munchkin. 

    Thank you
    C2S Team